A little context: About 3 years ago I was working with some friends on a product that, unfortunately, never saw the light and my part in the team was to focus on the Marketing side.

While I was browsing for resources to help me understand how to successfully launch our product, I came across this list of 100 Newsletters for Developers and Designers and some of these newsletters led me to some articles that helped me get on the first page of Hacker News (which is huge — too bad I do not have a screenshot) with the pre-launch of the product we were working on.

That was my first interaction with newsletters that were providing some added value. 

More context: My name is Alexandru Gotoi and I am from Bucharest, Romania. I’ve always worked in Human Resources from organizing job fairs to HR Systems implementation.

When I realized that HR will be my path, I said to myself that in order to be a top performer in this field, I should always be connected to the news and trends in this industry, so I joined Facebook Groups, Linkedin Groups, subscribed to HR subreddits, followed some HR influencers on Twitter.

But every Friday I was receiving the Hacker Newsletter (which by the way, is an awesome newsletter) I was wondering why it’s so hard to stumble upon some HR newsletters.

The problem: The thing is that I did stumble upon HR newsletters, but most of them were dedicated to particular publications and promoted their own content, which is fair and I totally understand from a business perspective.

But the day has only 24 hours and sometimes I found myself reading 80% of an article and I realize that this information is already familiar or even worse, I discover a really great piece of work published in 2015 and I don’t know how I missed it all these 3 years.

Currently I am member of more than 10 (active) Facebook Groups, subscribed to more than 15 newsletters, my Feedly HR feed is my best friend. For the last year I read 5 to 10 hours weekly about this industry (without counting the Podcasts I listed) and every time I find a piece of content, I bookmark it just in case, maybe it will help me on a specific situation in the future.

I know I am not the only one who likes to stay informed about this fascinating field. That’s why I decided to start a weekly newsletter where I will share the top articles that I read and think are worth sharing.

If you want to stay in touch with this side project of mine, give feedback, suggest improvement or just say Hi, you can do this on Twitter.